The WorpDrive Test Restore Site is perhaps the most powerful tool in the WorpDrive feature set. WorpDrive will restore your site to our test platform and you can use it as if it was your real website.

Test Restore Site is accessible from the "WorpDrive Backup"section for the site you're managing.

How does the Test Restore Site work?

The test restore functionality works by testing a backup for you without affecting your live website.

For the given backup you select, you can view how your site would look if you were to restore it to your live system now.  It will effectively test your backup data for you.

Points to note:

  1. Test restore sites do not affect your live website.
  2. Test restore sites are live for 1hr at a time, after which they will be automatically destroyed.
  3. You can only have 1 test restore site at any given time, per site.
  4. Test restore sites are not guaranteed to work as plugins, themes and any other code you might have on your site can affect a migration to another URL. A failed test restore site does not indicate a failed backup.

Why would you use Test Restore Site?

One of the greatest uses for test restore sites is testing whether a particular WordPress or plugin upgrade will work on your website.

Since they effectively reflect the state of your website at a given point in time, they can be used to test how your site will respond to an upgrade, or configuration change.

They can also be used to compare your currently live site with a version from the past.