Yubikey two-factor authentication lets you further secure access to your iControlWP management account.

The system uses a hardware-based authentication system that is simple to use and very affordable.

In order to use Yubikey Two-Factor Authentication you need:

  1. A Yubikey Authentication device.
  2. To specify the unique Yubikey device ID in your iControlWP Security settings.

Adding your Yubikey Device ID to your iControlWP Security settings

See the screenshot below on how to enable Yubikey authentication on your iControlWP account.

Note: To enable Yubikey authentication, provide the Yubikey IDs, each one on a new line. The first 12 digits of any One Time Password is your Yubikey ID - it never changes.

To disable Yubikey authentication, remove all Yubikey IDs.

To learn more about Yubikey Authentication, read the blog article here.