The purpose of the Plugin Manager is to give you the best view on your plugins as they are installed and activated across all you sites.

You can:

  • review the distribution and status (installation, activation, version, available updates) of a single plugin across all sites
  • review the distribution and status of all your plugins across all your sites.
  • install, upgrade, activate, deactivate and uninstall a plugin on some or all of your websites with a single command.

How does it work?

To get started with the Plugin Manager, you simply load it from the "Plugins" section:

You will be provided with an option to select either a plugin from your list of all plugins, or you can select a site to review the plugins that have been detected on that site.

With Plugin Manager, you have the ability to:

  • update plugin
  • install plugin
  • install (+ activate) plugin
  • activate plugin
  • deactivate plugin
  • uninstall plugin

Important: Plugin actions executed in the plugin manager are performed in real-time, while you wait.

For more information on Plugin Manager, read the blog article here.