Sometimes a user of a website will lose their Google Authenticator information and not be able to log into the site.

This can happen if a user loses or resets their phone, for example.

Google Authenticator information is stored in that particular user's meta information, specifically with the following keys:

  • icwp_wpsf_ga_secret
  • icwp_wpsf_ga_validated

If you delete these fields you will remove any Google Authenticator login for that user.

Another way to disable Google Authenticator for your user account is to disable it directly from your WordPress user profile.

To do this, log into your site and go to Users => Your Profile => check the checkbox to remove Google Authenticator and enter the code generated by your Google Authenticator app. 

If you dont' have a code, you don't need to enter it.

Once you do this, you will get an email from Shield to confirm Google Authenticator removal. Just click the link provided within that email and Google Authenticator from your user profile will be disabled.

Important: If for some reason this doesn't work for you, please follow the guide outlined in the article here.