Hide WordPress Login Page feature is a part of the Login Guard module. It hides your wp-login.php page from brute force attacks and hacking attempts - if your login page cannot be found, no-one can login.

Important: This is not required for complete security and if your site has irregular or inconsistent configuration it might not work for you. To find out what behavior you may expect, read the article here.

How to hide your WordPress login page

Simply supply a string of text (only letters and numbers are permitted) and this will immediately become your new login URL.

Note: This will not rename the original wp-login.php file. 


Your current login page URL is "www.example.com".

If you rename it to the "secureurltest", then your new login URL will be: "www.example.com/secureurltest".

Remember: The only way to access your WordPress login page is through the new URL you have created.

For more information on how to use Hide WordPress Login Page feature, read the article here.

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