The Audit Trail monitors key activities on your site and records events as they happen. Since many things can happen on a site we need a way to group these activities, and to achieve this we created “Contexts”. Contexts, in relation to the Audit Trail, are large areas of the WordPress system within which certain groups of actions may fall.

There're 7 main contexts as follows:

  • Users and Logins
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Posts and Pages
  • WordPress and Settings
  • Emails
  • Shield

For more details on this, read the article here.

Every context has 1 or more related events. For example, "Emails" has:

  • emails enabled
  • emails disabled

Shield context is a special context where the plugin logs and tracks itself. Included in this context are events such as:

  • Firewall blocks
  • Firewall skipping
  • White list notifications
  • Two Factor Login Authentication

Important: Audit Contexts settings are not available in Shield 10.1 and onward. Audit Trail logs everything instead. 

To learn more about the Audit Trail Contexts read the blog article here.