Every WordPress spam comment falls under 1 of 2 categories:

  1. It’s a comment submitted to your site by a human – a real-life human being putting a comment on your site.
  2. It’s a comment submitted by an automatic spam bot.

Shield's Comments SPAM module solves the problem caused by both of these types of comment spam. Unlike other spam fighting techniques we use 2 different detection engines based on the different nature of these types of comments.

What is the Comments SPAM module?

Shield Security is composed of the several parts (modules). Comments SPAM is one of its modules. This comment SPAM protection filter can block 100% of automated spam bots and also offer the option to analyse human-generated spam.

This module is accessible from within Shield Security Dashboard => Settings:

The Comments SPAM module is designed of the following features:

To learn more about the SPAM Comments Protection Filter, read the blog article here.