Shield Security Pro takes an already established WordPress Security plugin to the level required by businesses and professionals to get the job done better and faster. It optimises your workflow making it easier to implement security across all the sites that you manage.

What are the extra features for Shield Pro?

The extra features available are as follows:

  • Exclusive customer support - We deliver the best possible support experience that our customers demand
  • Keyless Pro license activation - You no longer need your license keys
  • Vulnerabilities Scanner
    • Regularly scans your WordPress plugins for known security vulnerabilities
    • Email notifications of vulnerable plugins
    • Elegant display on plugins page of all vulnerabilities
    • Applies updates automatically to vulnerable plugins
  • Scan Indicator
    • Indicates the exact time that a scan last run
  • Import / Export feature
    • Setup the Shield Security plugin on 1 site and have all options replicated to your other sites automatically
  • Daily Scan Frequency feature
    • Increasing the schedule of the automated scanners so they run more than once per day
  • 2FA "Remember me" feature
    • Set the number of days that Shield will "remember" a successful 2FA login
  • 3rd-Party Support
    • Add support for 3rd-party login, register, and password reset forms such as Woocommerce and Easy Digital Downloads
  • Request Tracking
    • Uses 404s as a transgression to determine whether visitors are legitimate
  • Google reCaptcha
    • Support for Invisible reCaptcha
    • Light and dark themes
  • Auto-Updates Delay
    • Forces any automatic upgrade to be delayed for a set number of days. This allows time for killer bugs to be discovered and patched before your site automatically updates.
  • Plugins and Themes Guard
    • Detects malicious changes to your themes and plugins.
  • Password Policies
    • Prevents use of ‘pwned passwords’
    • Enforces minimum password length
    • Enforces minimum password strength
    • Enforces existing users to update their passwords if they don't meet requirements, after they next login
    • Expires all passwords forcing all users to reset their passwords after they next login
  • Audit Trail Length
    • Set the max audit trail entries you want to keep.
  • Customize user messages
    • Firewall Block Message - Customize the messages displayed to the user that trigger the firewall
    • GASP Checkbox Text - Change the text displayed to the user beside the checkbox
    • GASP Alert Text - Change the text displayed to the user in the alert message if they don't check the box
    • Login Failed - Customize the message displayed if the visitor fails a login attempt
    • Remaining Transgressions - Customize the message displayed if the visitor triggered the IP Transgression system and reports how many transgressions remain before being blocked

Coming soon:

  • White Labelling
  • Improved Notifications handling
  • Improved Security Admin features

Shield Security Pro is available within our new One Dollar Plugin platform. We’ve made it affordable for absolutely everyone by offering it for just $1/month. If you want to purchase Shield Pro - $1 Plugin, please follow this link.