If you want to generate a report with the actions done in a site and then present it to your client, use "Client Reports" add-on.

This add-on is accessible from your iControlWP control panel, under the "Addons" section.

To generate a report, please do the following:

  • Select the site you want report to be generated for
  • Select a report date period

Note: If you want to generate summary report, check the "Summary version" checkbox.

Additionally (if you want), you can:

  • Provide additional information about your company:
    • Your company name, address
    • Your company small/large logo url

                Note: The ideal size for small logo is 125x100 px, and 250x200 or 500x400 px for large logo.

  • Include extra text or information within the header and footer of the report

If you fill in all the details, your report would look like this: