Auto-Updates Delay feature is a part of the Automatic Updates module. It is designed to protect your WordPress site against auto-update disasters. 

How does this feature work?

We’re proponents of automatic updates in-principle, but everyone makes mistakes and bugs happen. We don’t turn-on automatic updates for everything as there are some plugins we just don’t trust to get it right on the first release. 

Most “killer” bugs are found and fixed within 24-48hrs of a release, so what if we could delay automatic updates during this “danger” period?

Sure, we’ll apply automatic updates, but just not until that release has been available for a few days and any major bugs have been squashed.

Shield's Auto-Updates Delay feature forces any automatic upgrade to be delayed for a set number of days. This allows time for killer bugs to be discovered and patched before your site automatically updates.

So, Shield will delay upgrades until the new update has been available for the set number of days. This helps ensure updates are more stable before they're automatically applied to your site (i.e. 5):

For more information about this feature, read the release article here.

Note: The Auto-Updates Delay is a premium feature and only available to Pro subscribers. To find out what the extra features for Shield Pro are, read the article here.