Insights Dashboard is designed to be 1st place any site administrator will go to, in order to learn of any issues that they need to take care of.

It provides a real-time, in-depth analysis of your WordPress site to proactively identify threats to security and stability.

In other words, Shield Security Insights is a predictive analytics which helps you to see what's happening on your WordPress site and it also provides an easy way to fix security issues before they impact your site.

Note: This is only available for sites running PHP 5.4 and above.

This Dashboard can be accessed from the main Shield menu under "Insights" tab. 

There are currently 4 main sections in the Insights Dashboard:

  • Shield's summary stats - Some important counters/stats are displayed that shows how many major events Shield has handled in its lifetime (i.e. total login attempts blocked, total SPAM comments blocked...)
  • Security notices - A real-time insight of the potential security issues on your site
  • Recent Shield events - This section will list the last known recorded incident for many common events that Shield Security handles.
  • The most recent Audit Trail events -Here you’ll be able to see the last 20 entries in the Audit Trail without having to load the entire Audit Trail section.

An important note to add here is that Insights dashboard provides simple but powerful tool for adding admin notes. Please see here on how to use this tool.

For more information about Insights Dashboard, read the blog release here.