Shield's summary stats section helps you to review the most important security actions taken by Shield on your WordPress site.

Some important counters/stats are displayed that shows how many major events Shield has handled in its lifetime. It’s not a complete Stats breakdown, but a simple summary.

This section can be accessed from the Shield main menu, under "Insights" tab.

The statistical data available with the Insights dashboard are as follows:

  • Transgressions - Total number of the transgressions against your site.
  • IP Blocks - Total number of the connections blocked/killed after too many transgressions.
  • Login Blocks - Total number of the login attempts blocked.
  • Firewall Blocks - Total number of requests blocked by firewall rules.
  • Comments Blocks - Total number of the SPAM comments blocked.
  • Active Sessions - Number of the currently active user sessions.
  • Blacklist IPs - Number of the current IP addresses with transgressions against the site.
  • Is the site running Shield Pro.

Example of the summary stats displayed with Insights dashboard:

Important: In order to get the all data listed above, related Shield's features must be turned on. In this regards, we highly recommend you to read:

Apart from Shield's activities statistics, Insights dashboard also provides the other useful data. Read more about this here.