If you want to get a real-time insight of the potential security issues on your site, you simply go to the Shield main menu and select the Insights tab. 

You'll be presented with a dashboard where you can see Security Notices section, and what actions should be taken in order to get security issues resolved. 

Note: Addressing these notices should be a top-priority.

Example of the site with some of the security issues

This site has several security issues. One of them is "inactive plugin" for which we recommend to be removed.

To remove this plugin, simply click the "Go To Plugins" link (see the screenshot below) and you'll be presented with the WordPress Plugins page from where you can easily remove inactive plugin.

Recommendation: We recommend you to remove all inactive plugins from your WordPress site. To get answer on why inactive plugins are considered as a security risk, please check out our video/transcript here.

Note: If you see parent-child themes as inactive in this section and that they should be removed, please read this article here.

Apart from the insight of the potential security issues on your site, Insights dashboard also provides the other useful data. Read more about this here.