If you want to manually customize exclusions to skip the logging of web requests you know to be legitimate, you can use Custom Exclusions system.

This reduces the size of your log and also prevents your logs from filling up with information you might don't need to have logged. 

How to manually customize exclusions

To demonstrate how to do this, we'll use an example...

Let's say we want to skip the logging of a web request called test-10.

We go to the Traffic Watch module => Traffic Logging Options and enter test-10 into the Custom Exclusions field:

From now on, if the test-10 text is present in either the User Agent or request Path (i.e. https://example.com/test-10), it will be excluded. 

Remember: If a request matches any single exclusion text it will not be logged and your Traffic Watch Viewer will not display these logs.

Also, please note that custom exclusions do not apply to the current logs. They apply to the future web requests only.

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