Persistent Security Admins option can be found under Security Admin module. You can use this option to specify usernames for Security Admin role. 

This means that these admins will not need to provide security admin PIN - they'll become security admins automatically.

Before you start using this option, please ensure that

  1. Security Admin module is turned on
    Read more here.
  2. Specified users have admin role
    Please go to your users page and check if the given user has admin user role.

How to use Persistent Security Admins option

To use this option, simply add a line into the Persistent Security Admins field. You can add:

  • username - i.e. test user 1
  • user email - i.e.
  • user ID - i.e. 17

Important: If you try to add user that doesn't have admin role, settings will not apply. You'll get an empty field. 

Also, if you enter user email address or ID, they'll be converted to usernames. For example, if you have admin user with a username Test user 1 with email address, you can enter email address. Once you click to save, email address will be converted to the username (in this case, "Test user 1"). 

Next time specified admins login, they'll become security admins without providing security admin PIN.

Note: Persistent Security Admins option is available with the Shield Pro only. To find out what the extra features for the Shield Pro are, read the article here.