When Shield blocks a request, the visitor is always warned. They’re given plenty of notice to discontinue what they’re doing, or they’ll get blocked.

But many site visitors will ignore these warning, until eventually their IP address is fully blocked and they can no longer access the site.

Then they'll contact the site admin. Dealing with these requests is frustrating for all parties.

To avoid this, visitors that have had their IP address blocked by Shield have the option to click a button and unblock their IP address immediately.

How to allow visitors to automatically unblock themselves from Shield

You can use User Auto Block feature for this. There are 2 options available for this feature:

  1. Disable - do not allow visitors to unblock themselves
  2. With Shield Bot Protection - allow visitors to unblock themselves with bot protection

So, if you want to allow visitors to automatically unblock themselves, please go to the Shield Security Dashboard => Settings => Block Bad IPs/Visitors module => Auto Blocking Rules => User Auto Block and select "With Shield Bot Protection" option from the drop-down list:

Next time your site visitors or users get blocked by Shield, they'll just need to check the bot protection checkbox and click the "Unblock My IP Address" button:

Once they've done that, they'll be unblocked automatically and redirected to the site home page.


  • The button to unblock your IP is protected by bot-protection just like in the WordPress login page. This prevents automation by bots that are blocked.
  • A visitor will only be able to remove themselves from the block list once in a 24 hour period. That is, if they’re blocked, and they unblocked themselves, then get blocked again, they will have to wait at least a day before they can unblock themselves. Or wait until the block expires.

For more information about this functionality, read the release blog article here.

Note: Shield Pro is required for User Auto Block feature. To find out what the extra Shield pro features are and how to purchase it, please read the article here