Our main goal at ShieldPRO support is to educate our customers on our services and help them resolving the possible issues they might have.

You may ask a question in our Help Center search bar to see if an article answers your question first.

ShieldPRO support has worked very hard putting together comprehensive guides to troubleshooting. We’ve identified the most common customer questions, and have outlined solutions in many articles in our Help Center here.

It is always best to search the Help Center first before contacting support.

How to contact us and submit your support ticket

Our team is eager to assist you. So, if you need help getting started, find a bug, or have trouble using our ShieldPRO plugin, get in touch so we can help.

Our support team is incredibly informed on ShieldPRO and WordPress security, but to better assist you with any troubleshooting, it's important for us to know the specific details about the problem you're having.

Please see here how you should structure your support request.

All of these information are required in order to better assist you with your request.

Getting in touch is easy. All you need to do is to submit an email support ticket by using 1 of the following forms:

  1. Shield Security form: https://support.getshieldsecurity.com/support/tickets/new
  2. If you're a iControlWP subscriber and you also use ShieldPRO, you can use this form: https://icontrolwp.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new

There are also some important points to note:

  1. Please understand that we provide 1-to-1 technical support to premium members only.
  2. Please write to us from your registered premium email address, and provide us a ShieldPRO license key (where applicable) so we can locate your account easily.
  3. You should receive a reply from us within the next 24hrs.
  4. If you haven't yet upgraded to ShieldPRO to support our work, please bear in mind that you may not receive a reply.

Thank you for your understanding.

We're also on Facebook Shield Security Group for simple questions. To get quick help and advice from your Shield community, jump into our Facebook group here.

You can also find us on WordPress.org Forum here.