Import/Export is a feature inside Shield plugin. It helps you to automatically import options and deploy configurations across your entire security network. 

This unique feature has the following characteristics:

  • Direct Site-To-Site. No more downloading/uploading export files – you import the options directly from any remove site.
  • Security First:
    • A ‘secret key’ is required to export options from a site. This key rotates every hour so don’t need to worry about people “finding” it.
    • Handshaking – when a site requests an export, we check back with the site to make sure that it really did request it.
  • Master Site Templates – create a “master site” where you change your settings only once, and have your other WordPress sites automatically update themselves from it
    • One Site To Rule Them. Rather than go round each site and manually update or import, you can all your sites poll your master site and import automatically.
    • You can even have your master site notify your other sites that the options have changed and they should update asap.
  • White list site URLs – any URL on the white list will not need to provide the secret key.

To access Import/Export feature, go to the Shield (Settings tab) => General section => Import/Export:

Import/Export feature gives you the ability to configure the following: 

  • Allow Import/Export - enabled by default
  • Master Import Site - enter your Master Site URL
  • Export Whitelist - whitelist site URLs to export options from the Master Site
  • Notify Whitelist - notify sites on the whitelist to update options from the Master Site

Note: A secret key that will allow the import and export of options is also displayed.

How to create your own Shield Security (Master-Slave) Network

With Import/Export automated feature, you can manage all your Shield Security installations from 1 (or a few) key sites.

By creating a Master site, you can update options on there, and have all your “slave” sites pull their configuration from it. To achieve this, you need to setup your Master-Slave Network. To learn how to do that, please follow the guide outlined in the article here.

Hint: You can also launch Shield setup Wizard. It can help you get setup Import/Export feature quickly and become familiar with it:

Note: Import/Export feature is available with Shield Pro only. To find out what the extra features for Shield Pro are, read the article here.